Pray for West Papua New Guinea

Let us pray to God, for his mercy, kindness, forgiveness, and blessings poured into West Papua, in order to free West Papua from satanic nation-state of the Republic of Indonesia.

We are an online organisation that focuses on coordinating, collecting and sending prayers to God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holly Spirit to

  • Forgive us our sins and trespasses, of our past generation in the struggle to Fee West Papua, and of ancestors for their mistakes and sins before God,
  • Forgive us our sins that we have been committing so far in this struggle and in our daily life
  • Provide us forgiveness, reconciliation and blessing in order to bring glory and honour to His name.
  • To Prepare the path for the Second Coming of Jesus Christ, the Prince of Peace, to rule the World forever.
  • We invite your support and prayers from all Christians in West Papua, in Indonesia, in Melanesia, in Micronesia, in Polynesia, in Oceania, Caribbean, and in Africa.

Get in touch:

Selpius Bobii
Tunas Harapan, Port Numbay (Jayapura) 
(+62)-0823 9938 1321

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or more Melanesians have been killed West Papua since Indonesia militarily invaded on January 1st, 1962 and occupied West PApua ever since and approved by the UN May 1st, 1963.


or more than that Melanesians in West Papua are killed every year. The world has chosen to ignore this humanitarian catastrophe for a half century now.


Remaining Melanesians in western half of New Guinea island are fighting for survival of Melanesian human-race. East New Guinea population is more than 8 million today. In 1960s both East and West New Guinea has almost the same population, about 800,000 population

Want to volunteer?

We want to set up prayer groups all across West Papua, New Guinea Island, Melanesia, South Pacific and around the World.

We believe that to Free West Papua is to Free Indonesia and to Fee West Papua is to Free Melanesia, and to Free West Papua is to ensure the guarentee that New Guinea will be the lungs of our planet Earth forever

Are you a ready to join us?

We invite to set up a prayer group with yourself, with your family member(s), with your neighbours or relatives, with your people in your region or in your tribe.

We invite you to be part of our fasting, prayer and praise as three activities as Christians to worship God.

Latest News Updates.

Salam Sukses: Puasa dan Doa Menghasilkan EMPAT Mujizat Tak Terduga

Saya bersaksi, bahwa saya telah mengalami mujizat-mujizat tak terduga di saat puasa 40 Hari untuk West Papua, yang telah saya mulai sejak tanggal 4 April 2021, dan berakhir kemarin, tanggal 14 Mei 2021. Mujizat yang pertama ialah bahwa kesehatan tubuh saya dipulihkan kembali. Saat ini badan saya menjadi lebih kepada kondisi asli, tidak kegemukan, tidakContinue reading “Salam Sukses: Puasa dan Doa Menghasilkan EMPAT Mujizat Tak Terduga”

PCC Join Call for West Papua Awarded Full Membership at MSG

THE Pacific Conference of Churches has joined regional Civil Society calling for West Papua to be allowed membership of the Melanesian Spearhead Group. Here is a Press Release calling for Papua’s recognition:THREE members of Pacific civil society have called for the United Liberation Movement for West Papua to be allowed membership of the Melanesian SpearheadContinue reading “PCC Join Call for West Papua Awarded Full Membership at MSG”

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