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Declare this Year 2022 as the Year of Fast, Pray and Praise

The office of the Interim President of West Papua in Port Moresby has declared Year 2022 as the Year of Fasting, Prayer and Praise, the year where this struggle must invite the Kingdom of God to come down and participate, and if possible take over this struggle for a Free and Independent West Papua.

All activities will be carried out in the office from January 2022 onwards, and from Monday to Thursday. Afterwards on Friday every week will commence with fasting, prayer and praise. And the fasting, prayer and praise will end on Sunday afternoon, after morning Sunday Service.

says the Adviser to the Interim President of ULMWP Provisional Government.

The adviser continues

Every person who identify himself/ herself with West Papua, and particularly who are involved in this struggle must now make this a habit and a way of life. It depends on every person to fast. One can do food fasting, but still drink water. Others can do total fasting. Or any kind of fasting, depends of the call and every situation.

However, there will be special schedules for fasting and prayer issued, complete with what type of fasting and why fasting is done. All will be issued in this blog: or another blog or another blog again

The Year 2022 has been declared in New Year Declaration at the Office that all security guards, ministers and family members will be carrying out this spiritual task besides running the office as the Office of the Interim President.

In the Name of YHWH, God, Jesus Christ and Holly Spirit, I pray to you God, I glorify your name as the name above all names. You are Creator, Sustainer, Protector, Nurturer, Saviour, King of kings and Lord of lords, who came to save human beings from sins, bondage of sins, and presence of sins, and who have risen to heaven to prepare house for all believers, and who will come back and reign the Earth for ever.

We bless you Lord! I praise you Lord! I glorify your name.

We invite you, God Almighty to come down to us, into our personal lives, and into communities, our work and our struggle.

We invite you to come and participate, and then take over and lead and run our lives, our struggles.

Help us to be faithful in carrying out our fasting, prayer and praise activities in this year of 2022.

We declare victory in the Name of Jesus Christ! We declare fasting, praying and praising will happen along the year of 2022 in the name of YHWH! It will be carried out along the year!

We declare laziness to cease! We declare forgetfulness to end! We declare life as usual cease!

We declare victory above flesh and hunger! We declare victory over lies and manipulations! We declare victory over evil strongholds that hinder our spiritual and political progress in our struggle to Let the Kingdom of God come to the Earth

We claim the victory over ULMWP full membership at the MSG!

We claim the United Nations Human Rights Commission visit to West Papua.

In Jesus’ Name!


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